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Welcome or at least that what I remember is the word you use to make someone feel at home in your presence. I must admit that I can't think of a title for my site as I am interested in many topics ranging from my interpretation of the bible to electronics and so a title is realy superfluos.

You may correctly note that there are not lots of pictures on this site this is firstly because I have had troubles with pictures in the past and my web hoster will not allow many pictures that I am actually hostng on a dedicated site called imageshack ( )second you like me may have a slow connection and pictures can take a long time to download and my main intent is to provide content (useful information) not nice graghics, thirdly and most important due to the said bandwidth limit on my part uploading is realy difficult and most of the time pictures crash the connection when i get a new mobile phone (that i use as the modem as ADSL don't exist in my street) I hope to switch from the theoretical 56 K to a more realistic and practical 360 K at least.

So enough chatter as usually I am a chap of few (and yes maybe two few) words so here are the links to ech section and please bear in mind everything is still in construction. By the way please let me know of any mistakes especially spelling and your opinions on:

An explanation in Italian of the Find-A-Drug project to help research in some of the most deadly deseass.

For the offcial english site of Find-A-Drug please go here

Children Lean What They Live - A must read for everybody that applies in relationships with people of any age

My interpretation of the bible wih no prejudices

well for now that is all but i should be adding pages and links in the future.